New half hour shows starting as low as $175.00 in local area. Call or email for details.

About Magic & Comedy of Joe Pescador

Enchanting Magic and Comedy in Gloucester

Hello and welcome to the enchanting world of Magic & Comedy of Joe Pescador! I am Joe Pescador, a seasoned illusionist with over 40 years of captivating audiences across the United States and beyond. Nestled in Gloucester, I bring a unique blend of magic and humor that transcends age, instantly engaging and amusing both young and old. Whether it's a birthday celebration, bar/bat mitzvah, fundraising event, or any special occasion, I am here to make your event truly magical.
With my innate ability to entertain even the most skeptical audiences, I lure them into a realm of astonishment, weaving illusions that defy explanation. Laughter fills the air as I lead spectators through a series of delightful surprises. Your event is not just a gathering; it's a journey into the extraordinary.
For more information on how I can tailor my magic and comedy to your specific event, please don't hesitate to contact me at (917) 385-6576. Let's create lasting memories together!

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